ARKMIG : the migration of electronic records 

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ARKMIG meets the needs of migration in the area of electronic archives. When installing a new system, or periodic migration, this phase must be able to be handled without risk of loss of documents or errors. It is also legally essential to guarantee the integrity of the information and documents during the migrations.

Migrations are usually performed under the control of the IT managers, which explains the technical nature of this tool.

The migration tool help to gather scattered electronic funds within the electronic archiving system SAARK: office files, collaborative digital documents within a EDM, messaging, directories, content, etc.

ARKMIG also help you archive PST files in users’ computers and business networks.

This is the solution that brings an efficient automation of Online and transparent migration, for the user, and in compliance with the standards.







The + of ARKMIG

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Process automation                           

ARKHEOS CUBE Blue and White Setting parameterofsolution
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Multithreaded design: execution of several tasks at the same time reducing the migration time

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Migration in process Online, without stopping service for the user

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Logging operations allowing the adherencetointernational standards

 Technical suport

 ARKMIG takes into account the following archiving solutions: Enterprise Vault from Symantec, Source One of EMC, Zantaz EAS, etc.

 and is responsible for the migration to SAARK.

 ARKMIG migrates also the ball archives of Exchange.

 Original data bases are generally: Microsoft's SQL Server and PostgreSQL.




  The ARKMIG Process

   ARKMIG ensures safe migration of a EDRMS (Electronic document and records management system) source or any other application to a new EDRMS target.

    Any EDRMS solution in the market can be taken into account.

    For the personal archive PST stored on their computers, migration is automatic but with user control. 




The steps to follow 


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Taxonomy of the items to be migrated

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ARKHEOS CUBE Blue and White Analysis
ARKHEOS CUBE Blue and White Transfer
ARKHEOS CUBE Blue and White Recording
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Control (control at every stage of the process) and final control)

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Tests of restoration