SAARK : the unified electronic archiving solution 



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When electronic filing is well-designed, each document (e-mail or file) available in one version in archives of the company, and, although he has several recipients or users. Thanks to the archiving solution proposed by Arkheos, this unique document is replaced by a simple shortcut of 3 KB. This operation of deduplication and then replacement of the document by a shortcut is named "dedoublonnement". This technique allows very impressive gains in storage and backup times. 

In addition, each recipient or authorized user must be identified for verification of his right to access, and must be able to search/find the document in its original folder, via metadata and keywords. Total security is therefore ensured.

The implementation of this electronic archiving is possible a priori, i.e. on arrival or the sending of each document, or a posteriori. Personnel authorized to connect has access to a secure mobile office. Thanks to this mobile office he has at hand all his records and documents, which he can reclassify and change according to his needs.

On the side of the company, all documents are kept in a single point. The access can be controlled and all the different versions of documents archived (Version1, Version2, etc.) are retained. This is an important safeguard in terms of security and continuity of the business assets. 



 SAARK takes into account all streams of documents :  


Flux de documents

ARKHEOS CUBE Blue and White   

Office file

ARKHEOS CUBE Blue and White    Mail box
ARKHEOS CUBE Blue and White    Database
ARKHEOS CUBE Blue and White    Collaborative tool
ARKHEOS CUBE Blue and White    Dematerialised document 
ARKHEOS CUBE Blue and White    Business applications
ARKHEOS CUBE Blue and White    SQL
ARKHEOS CUBE Blue and White    Directory service






    The + of EDRMS ( Electronic document and records management system ) SAARK


Unified archiving 
SAARK is the only software on the market able to archive streams and computer system applications in a single system. 

The company's archiving policy rules are well standardized.





Automatic indexation of your content

SAARK provides consultation and search of all types of archives in a single browser with automatic content indexing.  


     Reduce your storage costs

      The deboulonnement applicable to all of the archives and the technique of stubbing (automatic creation of shortcuts, specificity of SAARK)

     allows very significant storage gains. A document in 10 copies in the company will archived only once.


Guaranteed security

SAARK double security of access to your archives by the technique of the stubbing: even if the information system was forced,

the access to the content itself of the archives is renewed by the software through the technique of overlapping.

 The characteristics of EDRMS ( Electronic document and records management system )SAARK

 ARKHEOS CUBE Blue and White  

Pooling and centralization of the archives and data of the company with automatic deduplication.

 ARKHEOS CUBE Blue and White  

Control of the traceability of information, guarantee integrity documents, and sustainability of archiving and an organization's information patrimony.

 ARKHEOS CUBE Blue and White  

Probative value of the information by archiving documents and associated metadata.



 ARKHEOS CUBE Blue and White   

Management of all aspects of archiving: dynamic purge, sealing Z42013, audit, analysis, and eDiscovery, Records Management, migration.

  ARKHEOS CUBE Blue and White   

Indexing of content regardless of their source (internal, external, courier...) allowing a search in a single browser, either in full text or by classification.

 ARKHEOS CUBE Blue and White   

Maintaining the level of performance regardless of the degree of volume of data or the number of users connected, thanks to the scalability of the application.


 ARKHEOS CUBE Blue and White  

Strong compression of information thanks to the algorithms of SAARK, allowing the reduction in storage requirements.

 ARKHEOS CUBE Blue and White  

The lifecycle of documents and information is fully taken into account and managed through the module ARKMAN.


The features in the form of modules


ARKHEOS CUBE Blue and White ARKMAIL :Messaging Archiving
ARKHEOS CUBE Blue and White   ARKAD : Company directories Archiving 
ARKHEOS CUBE Blue and White   ARKFILE : File archiving
ARKHEOS CUBE Blue and White   ARKSQL :  Database archiving 
ARKHEOS CUBE Blue and White   ARKWEB : Collaborative tools archiving
ARKHEOS CUBE Blue and White   ARKGED : Archiving of dematerialized solutions and electronic document management
ARKHEOS CUBE Blue and White   ARKINDEX : Indexing of archives
ARKHEOS CUBE Blue and White   ARKNFZ : Sealing of the archives
ARKHEOS CUBE Blue and White   AUE : Automatic registration of users
ARKHEOS CUBE Blue and White   SWA : Web Interface 
ARKHEOS CUBE Blue and White   ARKUSER : Component Office (Customer ID)
ARKHEOS CUBE Blue and White   ARKADIN : Component Outlook (ID allowing archives management at the user level)
ARKHEOS CUBE Blue and White   APM : Migration and archiving of PST users files




The issue of metadata


Metadata can automatically be generated in a database from each document.